Year: 2018

News Staff December 26, 2018

Prosecco is suffering from an identity crisis. Originally seen as an alternative to Cava and even Champagne, some people now see it as having ‘sold out’ and become just too popular for its own good. Indeed overall sales of Prosecco have slowed down and people have started to look elsewhere for sparkling wines, such as […]

News Staff December 21, 2018

In under 12 hours, Localgiving’s Grow Your Tenner campaign raised over £360,000 for 324 local charities and community groups across the UK. The campaign launched on 10am on 11th December 2018 with a match fund pot of £100,000. By 10pm the same day the entire match fund pot had been allocated, thanks to the generous […]

News Staff December 20, 2018

The discovery of novel Wolbachia bacteria strains in Anopheles malaria vectors could lead to the reduction in the transmission of malaria, according to a study published in Wellcome Open Research, Wellcome’s open research publishing platform. Wolbachia, a common insect bacterium that can influence pathogen transmission and manipulate host reproduction, has historically been considered absent from the Anopheles (An.) genera, but has recently been found […]

News Staff December 18, 2018

Bradley’s Spanish Bar, a long time fixture of London’s vibrant West End nightlife, will be in Hanway Street well into the next decade as they celebrate signing a new lease. The owners, Absolutely Barking, have been in negotiations for the past year, assisted by Howard Day of Davis Coffer Lyons, and have agreed terms with […]

News Staff December 13, 2018

The National Extension College (NEC), using Mathematics in Education and Industry’s (MEI’s) Integral® online teaching and learning materials, has developed a pioneering and innovative Further Maths A-level distance learning course. This is a huge step forward for the many students who would not otherwise have the opportunity to study Further Maths, and equally opens up access to Further Maths […]

News Staff December 12, 2018

An Aberdeen-based marine and naval architectural consultancy, Tymor Marine, is supporting international aid organisation, Mercy Ships, to deliver free, vital medical care to some of the poorest countries in the world via their ‘floating hospital’ missions. Tymor is currently providing structural design and analysis for the replacement of two of the original lifeboats onboard the […]

News Staff December 10, 2018

Jerome Fontaine, CEO & Marketing Performance Chief of The Fournaise Marketing Group – The Marketing Performance Booster® (“Fournaise”), has been named the UK’s 2018 CEO of the Year in the Marketing Sector by CEO Monthly Magazine. UK-based CEO Monthly Magazine ( is one of the leading CEO-focused publications – dedicated to showcasing, sharing and highlighting […]

News Staff December 10, 2018

Free, accessible and for anyone to play. It’s not busking. It’s not a gig. It’s a new kind of musical platform. “One piano goes to landfill every day in London. Some are rescued and given a new lease of life.” This is how the documentary ‘Instrument of Change’ get started. And it’s a journey through […]

News Staff December 7, 2018

Figures released by the Home Office have highlighted the scale of non-compliance in some establishments licensed to perform tests on animals. The Home Office Animals in Science Regulation Unit Report for 2017 (published 3 December 2018), details 40 cases of non-compliance ranging from failure to feed or provide water to mice and birds resulting in […]