News Staff May 3, 2018

Imprivata®, the healthcare IT security company and SecMaker, today announced a strategic technology and reselling partnership to enable healthcare providers in Sweden and the Nordics to swiftly, securely and conveniently access clinical applications and patient information via smartcard based technology. The combined solution, which uses two-factor authentication to increase IT security, addresses the challenges of mobility by providing a safe and secure environment for medical professionals to access and communicate sensitive patient data.

Imprivata OneSign® and SecMaker Net iD Enterprise together enable fast, secure access to desktops and clinical applications. Using robust security methods underpinned by industry standard digital certificate technology, the solution delivers secure and convenient two-factor authentication for all healthcare employees at their workstation and for those who require remote network access.

Healthcare organisations across the globe have experienced large-scale, high-profile cyber attacks, many of which apply phishing and similar highly targeted, social engineering techniques to gain network access. The combined solution of Imprivata OneSign® and SecMaker Net iD Enterprise safeguards against attacks by enabling robust authentication for all system users, including clinicians, administrative staff and contractors.