News Staff May 6, 2018

In 1924, the World Centre of the Lahore Ahmadiyya Movement completed the construction of a mosque in Berlin.

It was the first mosque to be built in Continental Europe in the modern era.

A message of peace, harmony, inclusiveness and love was disseminated from its pulpits. Many notable scholars including Einstein and other Nobel Laureates visited the mosque. The mosque became the hub of all important literary and intellectual activity, producing the first translation of the Holy Quran into German by a Muslim, the monthly magazine Moslemische Revue and much other literature. The mosque would be visited by notable Muslim scholars and leaders.

It is unique in that during World War II, a lady called Amina Mosler kept the mosque open and functioning. When the Russian army started shelling the mosque she nailed a piece of red cloth to a stick, raised it high and ran towards the Russian guns that were firing towards the mosque. The Russians took this as a sign of peace and stopped firing. Though damaged, the mosque survived and after the war returned to its teachings of peace, tolerance and love.