News Staff May 6, 2018

There is no shortage of people who have the mistaken idea that becoming a success in digital marketing is easy and doesn’t require, study, knowledge, and skill. Publisher of the popular marketing blog The Digital Diary, James Gaubert, certainly doesn’t fall into that category, instead he insets a great deal of time and energy into helping people succeed in the digital marketing space.

In exciting news, these efforts have now moved beyond his blog and other work, with the release of his new book “The A-Z of Digital Marketing: Buzzwords and Jargon to Turn You Into a Digital Unicorn” on The much-anticipated work has been greeted eagerly.

“If you are trying hard at digital marketing, but you don’t know the meaning of terms like SoLoMo, VTR, SERP, trendjacking, permalinks, CX, IRM, and DMP, you are potentially at an extreme disadvantage,” commented Gaubert. “My new book breaks all of this and much more down to help digital marketers establish a sound foundation and baseline to build off of. This is a great field, but it’s highly competitive and if you want to do your best ‘The A-Z of Digital Marketing’ can be a big help.”