News Staff May 6, 2018

Xhai Studios (“Xhai”) a mobile game developer and publisher, based in Kuala Lumpur, announced today that it will be using NEM Blockchain Technology to be integrated into its games.

Xhai Studios is working on a mobile game that is described as revolutionary in terms of play-ability and entertainment, enhancing the industry of mobile games.

CEO of Xhai Studios Sami Abuzarifa highlighted that the new game will leave an impact on the mobile game sector with it’s amazing game mechanics, storyline, and graphics.

“We want to create a game not only for the crypto market but also for the gamers communities, and to introduce them to NEM blockchain through our new game. We are creating a fun and versatile entertaining application that will include a XEM wallet integrated inside the game which users can utilize to transact in-app purchases” says Sami Abuzarifa, CEO of Xhai Studios

Ballzy is the title of the new game which Xhai Studios will publish in Q3 2018. It is an infinite runner game with both campaign and scoring modes. Unlike most other infinite-runner games, Ballzy will be rich in storyline, playability and creativity.There are many games that are infinite runners but Ballzy will include crisp and detailed 3D graphics, as well designed stages with missions. Among others, “Ballzy will include a NEM wallet integrated inside the game to transact using XEM tokens”.