News Staff June 2, 2018

Dr. Stefan Kühn, currently a senior data scientist at XING, the German equivalent of LinkedIn, joins as Scientific Advisor. He has previously worked as a data scientist at Zalando and codecentric in Hamburg, Germany., Stefan earned his PhD in Applied Mathematics from the Max Planck Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences where he studied scientific computing with a focus on tensor approximations and its applications to quantum chemistry.

Martin Boyanov, formerly a data scientist with Komfo, joins Sigmai’s development lab in Sofia. A ‘passionate data scientist’ with a keen interest in natural languageprocessing, he has specialised in tackling problems like sentiment analysis, chatbots and graph analysis. He has an MSc from Sofia University in information retrieval and knowledge discovery and his professional experience includes collecting and analysing massive amounts of textual data from social networks.

Sigmai CEO Jesse Moore said:
“Hiring the right data science talent is a challenge for all companies. Being able to bring on two talented and accomplished data scientists such as Stefan and Martin is a great compliment to our team. Their competencies complement our currentteam’s expertise in building leading text analysis systems.”

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