News Staff June 9, 2018

Green-lighting new Heathrow runway on World Environment Day like handing out free cigs on World Health Day

Commenting on reports that a Cabinet committee chaired by Theresa May is set to give its backing to a third runway at Heathrow later today, Greenpeace UK executive director John Sauven said:
“Green-lighting a new runway at Heathrow on World Environment Day is like handing out free cigarettes on World Health Day.

“This airstrip alone will load the atmosphere with as much extra carbon as some entire countries pump out. And it would make Londoners’ air more dangerous to breathe, contributing to an air pollution crisis that’s already cutting short thousands of lives.

“It’s time the UK Government took seriously its commitment to protect the environment by building a low-carbon economy. Trains not planes for short haul journeys and a tax on frequent flyers is needed to prevent aviation emissions from rising.”

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