News Staff July 4, 2018

Localis, the leading independent think-tank dedicated to issues related to localism and local government, has appointed Jonathan Werran as its new chief executive.

Jonathan Werran has two decades’ experience writing and researching public policy. Prior to his appointment Jonathan was head of news and events for Localis. He has previously worked for local government trade publication The Municipal Journal as reporter and features editor, for the District Councils’ Network as strategic communications officer and has previously worked in third sector communications, digital publishing and business development consultancy.

Sir Merrick Cockell, chairman of the board of Localis, said: “Localis was created to further the cause of decentralised politics and to help provide the intellectual rigour and research needed to make the case. Much has been achieved, but a great deal more still remains to be done to ensure that power and control is passed down from Whitehall to the regions, cities and to individuals.

“Jonathan takes the reins of Localis at a time when the organisation has seized the commanding heights of thinking around the industrial strategy and local economic agenda and is primed for a new phase of dynamic growth. He brings a wealth of experience, insight and determination to lead the debate and policy agenda.”