News Staff July 13, 2018

Small domestic appliances fill our kitchens reflecting our personal taste and style. Appliances are also one way to mirror individual personality. They not only represent the little treats to help you through the day, but they can reveal a lot about what someone does in their spare time.

So, what does your favourite appliance say about your personality? Are you indulgent? A lover of all things homemade? Or the child that never grew up? Robert Dyas has a wide-range of small domestic appliances each fitting individual traits perfectly.

The Tea Totaller
The lovely kettle is the prized possession of the tea totaller. It represents everything about the home. These people believe that a cup of tea can solve everything, be it an argument with a partner or failing a test. The tea totaller enjoys nothing more than a night in watching a box set and when on occasion they do fly the nest, there is always a sneaky box of tea bags on hand to keep that sense of contentment.
The Swan 1.7L Polka Dot Jug Kettle (£59.99)(online only) will make the kettle centre stage in your kitchen revealing just how important the sense of home is to you.

The Speed Merchant
The speed merchant is all about a fast-paced lifestyle as they are constantly on the go. As they flit between one commitment and the next, the speed merchant needs an appliance such as a microwave to provide instant porridge before arriving at that business meeting or to cook a speedy meal before hitting the nearest bar. The Russell Hobbs Manual Retro Microwave (£65.00)(online only) is ideal for assisting the speed merchant with their precious time.

The Coffee Aficionado
The coffee aficionado is a perfectionist. They know everything there is to know about coffee. For the enthusiast, coffee is not just something to be drunk but something to be experienced, something to be lived. They want the best and they are determined to get the best. With all its bells and whistles The De’Longhi Dedica Coffee Machine (£186.99) (Online only) is the perfectionist personified.

The Retro Lover
The retro lover’s kitchen is filled with brightly coloured cooking appliances. They love everything about the past and are keen to add a pop of colour wherever they go. A favourite haunt of the retro lover is The Victoria and Albert Museum where they get lost in the glamourous styles of the past. With their nostalgic views, retro lovers embody a world of summer fetes, cupcakes and days gone by.
The Fearne by Swan 6L Stand Mixer (£210.00) (Online only) and Fearne by Swan S-Speed Hand Mixer (£32.99)(Online only) are pure examples of retro style.

Cosy Toes
The definition of the Danish Hygge, this cosy lover adores nothing more than a night in underneath a tartan blanket, surrounded by candles. They love the homemade but for them cooking is about expression and the kitchen is the heart of the home. Small appliances such as the Morphy Richards Stainless-Steel Soup Maker (£58.99) (Online only) will help aid the cosy lover’s simple rustic cooking that creates their sense of home.

The Kid
The kid, the lover of all things fun, hasn’t been bogged down by adult life. They walk with a spring in their step and always find humour in the little things. They are the first to play practical jokes and they are frequently the centre of attention. The Slush Puppie Machine (£49.99) is a clear representation of their free-spirited fun.

The Modernist
The lover of all things technical, the modernist has every gadget under the sun. They are for ever looking up the latest thing and they must always be on trend. The modernist is stylish, sophisticated and their gadgets are always put on a show at parties. The Hostess Electric Cork Screw (£34.99) (Online online) will be the perfect addition to their collection.