News Staff July 17, 2018

Need a digital detox? reveals how (and where) to take time off from your tech. has explored the most relaxing places to let go of your digital devices and enjoy the great outdoors.

– has conducted a survey to learn about the role technology plays in the lives of people across the UK.
– Phones, computers and tablets are increasingly taking over our lives, with the average person checking their phone 200 times a day and over 25% of respondents doing so every 10-30 minutes.
– People aged 25-44 spend the most time on their phones.
–’s new interactive guide details the process of digitally detoxing, sharing with readers how, why and where to do this.

In our busy 21st century lives, we use digital technology for nearly everything we do. Texting, emailing and tweeting on the move have become the daily norm for most of us, and recent studies suggest this is having a damaging effect on our health and wellbeing.

As evidenced by research from travel experts however, a new trend is emerging involving digital detoxing: switching off technology and enjoying a break from the digital world.’s survey results show that people are aware of their overconsumption and would like to cut down, with a large majority (72%) saying they would like to do a digital detox.

People from the North East of England are the most enthusiastic about doing a digital detox, along with 25-34 year-olds from around the country, which is interesting given that they are also the biggest phone users. This means that the largest demographic of phone users could soon become the biggest group of digital detoxers!