News Staff August 7, 2018

With a reputable background in media advertising and sales management, Toyah Frantzen Power has gone on to establish two successful businesses. A leader in sales and account management for more than 15 years, Toyah gained expertise in advertising media, fashion brands for start-up companies, internationally recognised organisations, and everything in-between! Her phenomenal success as a businesswoman has helped supplement her acting profession, where she also demonstrates pervasive talent.

In 2014, Toyah founded Roleplay Solutions (RPS), a UK agency. Roleplay Solutions helps train business professionals in all industries on how to respond to challenging situations within their profession. Role play is without a doubt one of the most effective training methods available. By imitating real life, role play succeeds in opening communications, pinpointing areas for development, and highlighting obstacles in order to establish solutions.

RPS employs more than 70 actors who are skilled and diverse enough to take on any role. These actors go into businesses and set up realistic scenarios with the employees. Through roleplay, the employees learn how to best respond to difficult issues. These real-life scenarios help business professionals train for real-life incidents. For example, actors may act out an emergency room scene and train medical professionals how to handle these situations, systematically building correct habits while learning acceptable structures and effective communication techniques.

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