News Staff August 10, 2018

A new survey, based on hundreds of responses, has taken a peek behind the nation’s bedroom door to reveal what us Brits really get up to when the lights go out.

Headline findings:

The people of Scotland take the title of the UK’s most amorous

Millennials are bedroom multitaskers, seeing more action than the preceding generations but also more likely to send work emails from their bed

The most popular bedroom activity is… watching TV!

The State of the Nation’s Sleep 2018 survey was commissioned by the sleep brand Sid to understand the bedroom habits and sleeping patterns of the United Kingdom.

The survey examined both the generation gap – comparing responses from Baby Boomers (those born before 1964), Generation X (born between 1965 and 1980) and Millennials (those born after 1981) – and regional differences in what happens when the lights go out.