News Staff August 13, 2018

The Riff Gallery designs are inspired by the classic bands and artists who have defined an era, and pushed music to new frontiers. We take the music and riff on it, using imagery and clues to create the connection. We all loved Catchphrase, right? Well that’s the concept in a nutshell…

What’s the appeal?

The guesswork is part of the fun and allows music fans to show off their knowledge and allegiance. But the appeal of The Riff Gallery reaches much further, as shown by the continuing trend of A-list celebrities wearing classic band T-shirts. Beyonce in ACDC, Kim Kardashian in Metallica , Justin Bieber and GNR, David Beckham and Iron Maiden – the list goes on…..

And it is easy to see why band T-shirts are enjoying a stunning renaissance. They ooze a cool retro vibe and allow celebs to be humorous, self-aware and yet arrogant at the same time. The message is clear: ‘you know I don’t listen to this band, but I’m cool enough to pull this off.’ Band T-shirts are also very versatile – we’ve seen celebs sport them at the gym, beach, club, and worn with leggings, shorts, as a dress (etc)

What do we offer?

The Riff Gallery plays into this trend and our unique design concept adds another dimension. We have created eye catching, witty, and versatile men’s and women’s music clothing ranges. They include T-shirts, vests, hoodies and other items, all available in black and white. For men, our longsleeve Ts will be perfect for autumn, and for women, a favourite loose- fit racerback vests never go out of style.

Plus, customers can buy in confidence that care has taken to minimise the impact of production on workers and the planet. Our Ts are made from Bamboo (much less thirsty than cotton plants), and our vests are made from Tencel (made from wood fibres). Our supplier’s criteria include: no use of child or forced labour; payment of a living wage and no excessive hours of work; freedom of association and the right to collective bargaining. See our About page for more details.

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