News Staff August 30, 2018

Generis Knowledge Management Inc. today announced their partnership with Box, a leader in Cloud content management, to bring the features and functionality of CARA, Generis’ unique user interface, to content stored in Box.

By combining Generis’ market leading CARA functionality with the Box platform, customers will realize significant benefits including a fully compliant application for regulated content. Both companies believe that this is an important step in offering a market leading content management solution based on the underlying strategy of using a family of applications that work seamlessly together. The primary target market for this combined offering is Life Sciences but the Box/Generis value proposition is applicable to any industry facing significant regulatory requirements.

“Box Cloud Content Management Platform is widely adopted within the Life Sciences industry and offers customers a unified platform to manage both regulated and non-regulated content management”, said Riju Khetarpal, Managing Director of Life Sciences, “We are delighted to have CARA join our fast growing ecosystem of industry specific integrations that furthers our customer’s objectives of digital transformation”

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