News Staff September 5, 2018

Generating Ideas. Probably42 is all about generating new ideas to address some of the big issues of our time. It has now put together a Manifesto of these ideas, not aligned to any political party, to try and widen debate about what we want our future to look like in the 21st century.

Probably42 sets out to encourage the idea of ‘knowledge networking’. In other words, bringing together our joint, knowledge, skills and experience to generate these ideas.

It does this through two main initiatives:

encouraging the formation of ‘Pie and Pint’ discussion groups

providing an online ‘Ideas Factory’ to capture and develop ideas on the web

The ‘Pie and Pint’ discussion groups are sociable and enjoyable events and Probably42 has developed a way of turning an enjoyable chat in the pub into something of real value, capturing the output on the Probably42 web site.

The web site offers ways of then commenting on and helping develop one another’s ideas, or of inputting completely new ones. The ideas are periodically assembled into the ‘Manifesto of Ideas’. This manifesto is then the centrepiece for making the best ideas visible more widely.

Probably42 is the brain-child of retired Berkshire businessman Tony Clack. Many of the initial ideas have been developed by him and a group of friends in their monthly ‘Pie and Pint’ meetings. Having proved it’s a valuable and enjoyable activity, they now want to invite anyone who cares about developing pragmatic solutions to problems to join them in setting up further ‘Pie and Pint’ groups. Details of how to get involved are on the web site.