News Staff September 7, 2018

Certain Curtain Theatre Company has designated an Edith Rigby Day for Preston’s own unsung Suffragette to celebrate her tenacity and to raise awareness of her achievements and those of her fellow suffragettes. The date 18th October 2018 would have been Edith’s 146th Birthday and will be the first of many, says Claire Moore, who plays Edith in the play.

2018 is the vote 100 Centenary celebrating the first women to have won the right to vote in the UK. The company is working with Cinema For All, a national support and development organisation for community-led cinema and the Harris museum to celebrate the centenary with the theme of Born A Rebel and have a wonderful evening of film, theatre, discussion, and cake planned! Plus a Free Children’s comic book workshop with Mayamada.

Cinema For All are holding five events across the North celebrating the centenary of women’s suffrage and Preston is the first.

Join us for a wonderful one-woman play WOMAN ON FIRE from Certain Curtain Theatre Company about the life of Preston’s own legendary suffragette: Edith Rigby, along with a post show discussion with the Writer, director and actor.

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