News Staff September 20, 2018

Award winning film producer Amar Adatia is without a doubt one of the most recognizable faces of the British film scene, we sat down with him to discuss his latest film Dead Ringer and to get all the lowdown on his upcoming projects.

1. Amar, you’re one of the most celebrated named on indie film scene – how have you got to were you are?
Haha wow have I, to be honest I’ve inpinned in my mind that without hardwork and dedication I will not be a success. So every day I wake up positive no matter what’s going on around me and I smile and push myself to be the best actor and the best film producer I can be. Its all about being positive, humble and hard working.

2. Tell us about how the Dead Ringer project came about?
Well after my movie Dangerous Game, which was all about the sports football industry we decided to make something around the glamours of the pop industry and thus Dead Ringer was Born. Music is something everyone can relate to and throw in a few fast cars and some action and there we have a dream movie… Dead Ringer.

3. Where do you see your film career going in the future?
I always strive to succeed so as long as I can continue to make good films which everyone loves and as it is light hearted entertainment I want people to forget about their daily lives and zone into and Amar Adatia production for 90 minutes and enjoy it, I’m doing something right. So I guess just to make more movies and Act in other peoples films.

4. What advise can you give to actors or producers who are starting up?

I guess its keep going. In this industry there are plenty of knock backs and strives and people will try and block your journey to excel theres but I guess it’s the story of the rabbit and the fox. Never give up, keep going and hard work always pays off.