News Staff September 27, 2018

A pioneer of the sharing economy, Liftshare is a multi-award-winning platform that connects people travelling the same way so that they can share their car journeys. As the biggest car sharing community in the UK, the team’s mission is to ensure that everyone has someone to travel with; solving transport poverty with fewer cars, greater access, and happier travellers.

Having recently celebrated it’s 20th birthday (two weeks before Google), Liftshare is more popular than ever, but more people are joining ever day as they discover the benefits of car sharing.

“Liftshare has come a long way in the last 20 years; we are excited to be growing fast and working with over 700 of the UK’s greatest employers, helping them save money whilst overcoming their parking and well-being challenges, and we are thrilled to have over 1 million shared trips every month on our network,” says CEO and Founder, Ali Clabburn.

“However, 90% of commuters still drive to work alone every day at the same time as millions of families struggle with transport poverty and our cities are over their legal limits on air quality. Our hope is that in 20 years time that we will have fixed the problem.”

Liftshare helps save its corporate clients, such as Jaguar Land Rover, Ocado, Heathrow Airport, British Gas, Barclays and National Grid, over £20 million per year with private, bespoke Liftshare schemes. And that’s not even mentioning the environmental impact that Liftshare has had on the UK, with over 121,653 tonnes of CO2 saved in it’s 20-year history.

Grab a sidekick and become a Super Commuter this Liftshare Week 2018

Liftshare Week is a national initiative to encourage people of the UK to try liftsharing during the week and thanking those who already do. This year, the week runs across the UK from 1st – 7th October, 2018.