News Staff October 5, 2018

Birthdays and baby showers are always around. People love them, but most times people have no idea of what to buy. What’s the easiest birthday gift to get? Toys!.That’s when a toy storage box can become very handy.

Toys are great (for kids).. For parents, it means more mess around the house, which can be overwhelming. Especially when guests are coming over for dinner.

Katabird is proud to announce the launch on of their brand new toy storage box.

This multi-use toy chest comes in 3 different colors: Blue, Pink and Brown. It is the perfect size (15.7”L x 11.8”W x 9.8”H) to fit in shelves, the closet, under the bed or any room.

It comes with 2 sturdy handles to make it easy to grab in case the toy box needs to be moved around.

The organiser trunk also comes with a safe lightweight sealable lid, so the mess is easily controlled and parents don’t have to worry about smashing little fingers.

This toy storage box is not only cute, it is also a very useful helper to have around especially during “birthdays season” when children tend to receive lots of toys and presents.

For more information about this brand new Katabird toy storage box, visit:

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