News Staff October 8, 2018

Beauty startup Fashionsta is launching its U.S e-commerce business app, beginning today, the company will sell top beauty brands, through influencer in-app boutiques and online. Fashionsta, which is based in Los Angeles, is one of the only beauty Influencer based eCommerce platforms powered by influencers and makeup enthusiast. Fashionsta’s platform provides customers access to the latest products from more than 200 top brands and over 10,000 diverse beauty and fashion products and seeks to be the pioneer model for online shopping in the USA.

Founded in 2018, this multi-brand online beauty boutique selects a number of style influencers, makeup gurus, and TV personalities to be featured on the website, with each one having their own portal showcasing a personalized selection of beauty products that can be shopped. Fashionsta is launching with top beauty influencers such as Jake Warden, MAC Daddyyy, Julissa Bermudez, Olivia Pierson, Natalie Halcro, Nicole English and more, each having their own curated boutique on the app.

One of Fashionsta’s advantages over other platforms is its ability to generate monthly residual income for its influencers, fast shipping for customers and top of line premium products. Founder and CEO Shadi Ghanim has been dedicated to growing the company’s products and presence in the U.S. He realized that building a community where influencers shared their favorite product information can dramatically increase Fashionsta’s user engagement, therefore, speeding up the process to success for the brand.

The beauty industry has also changed over the last couple of years. While the power of bloggers and real-time social celebrities influence customer’s buying patterns and trends, Fashionsta taps into the demand for direct to consumer sales to the customers with very specific beauty needs. One of the ways in which Fashionsta differentiates from other beauty companies is its influencer driven boutique. After analyzing social media and observing high-level of interaction in area pertaining to makeup or fashion, this sparked the idea of creating a new social commerce platform.