News Staff October 10, 2018

When you think of luxury the first thoughts that come to mind are rarely ‘sustainability, responsibility, or packaging’. It’s more along the lines of a hedonistic state of not having to care. But scooms the online, Surrey-based duvet and bed linen company believe that ‘Luxury and Sustainability’ are the perfect bedmates.

Not only are all their products natural, but they were determined to also do something different with the packaging.

Emily says,

“We use recyclable cardboard boxes, like many companies. But we didn’t want to use plastic wrapping inside the boxes. Plastic in a way has become a word associated with irresponsibility. Sometimes there’s no option, but we knew that there had to be a better way for our company.”

Her husband and business partner Jonathan continues,

“It just felt wrong. Here we were sourcing the very best luxurious but also natural, sustainable material for our duvets and bed linen. But to then ruin all the good work by wrapping our product in plastic, was a bit like making a quality organic beer and selling it in a plastic bottle. It just wasn’t good enough, for us or our customers.”