News Staff October 11, 2018

Cruises are a great way to pack a whole host of destinations into one trip, often taking in four or five spots along the way. With onboard entertainment, excellent facilities and delicious dining options included they offer great value for money. The travel comparison experts over at dealchecker have a number of handy tips to help you find a bargain on your next cruise.

Their editor, Rosie Panter, recommends the following options:
• Early booking discounts – There are often cheap prices to be found with early holiday bookings but when it comes to cruises, booking early means well in advance. There are discounts to be found if you organise your cruise over a year ahead. These savings are helpful for those who already know where they are looking to travel and aboard which ship.
• Go all inclusive – The food prices on cruises can often be high due to the fact that visitors provide a great captive audience. Going all inclusive can see you enjoy overall savings, and prevent you from worrying about your purse strings whilst onboard. dealchecker’s all inclusive cruise page (…) is a great place to start researching your next trip!
• Choose your itinerary carefully – For those who prefer their time to be spent onboard enjoying the facilities, a repositioning cruise could be the ticket to a cheaper holiday. Lots of cruise ships’ itineraries change between the winter and summer season. A repositioning cruise will see you hop aboard for this trip between locations, often between Europe and the Caribbean or USA.
• Hold out for a last minute deal – For those who can be flexible on travel dates and destinations, there are bargains to be found on last minute departures. We recommend signing up for email newsletters to spot the best of these deals.
• Book multiple cruises – Several cruise companies will offer significant discounts for those booking two or more cruises at once. If you know you love cruises, this could be a great option for you!

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