News Staff October 16, 2018

Feminist charity FiLiA’s annual conference – the largest feminist conference in Europe – is coming to Manchester for the first time October 20th to 21st2018, and will tackle issues such as FGM, gender definition, and gang culture.

One hundred years on from the suffragette movement and one year on from the #meetoo movement, the conference will look at how far feminism has come, and what it means to be a feminist in today’s world. FiLiA aims to amplifying the voices of many women from all over the world; empowering them.

Previously called Feminism in London, FiLiA stands for Daughter, ‘reflecting that we are the daughters of the women who came before us’.

There will be talks from strong female speakers and activists from all over the world such as Kendra Houseman, Carol Ann Whitehead, Hibo Wardere, and Dr. Hannah Bows.

FiLiA is open to women and men and provides a crèche and children’s workshops for those who wish to bring their children. Our event takes place over two days at the Lighthouse Venue in Salford, Manchester and tickets can be purchased for the entire weekend or individual days.

There will also be an art exhibition featuring the art of feminist women from all around the world.

Donations towards Solidarity Tickets for women who cannot afford to otherwise attend, are welcomed.

To find out more and buy your ticket visit