News Staff November 1, 2018

Ecoingot, a team of technology and environmental experts, is developing an accessible and informative platform which provides consumers with the carbon impact data of their everyday purchases, activities and lifestyle choices.

This solution – the Internet of Carbon – uses the latest technological and environmental approaches to gather, store and process the data, and then makes it easily accessible to everyone via an app. In a truly revolutionary approach, Ecoingot is utilising blockchain and distributed ledger technology to provide people with a transparent and secure platform to balance their environmental impacts.

Ecoingot’s innovative system is a timely response to the recent IPCC report, warning that urgent and large-scale changes are required to limit the rise of global warming to 1.5° and that the world cannot meet its targets without the actions of individuals.

While large-scale changes to current systems (transport, recycling, supply chains etc) are vital, in reality transformation will take years. The team at Ecoingot is all for increasing pressure on retailers, providers and governments to make these changes, but is inherently motivated to empower the public with the ability to do something meaningful right now.

Ecoingot believes in a multifaceted approach: education, reduction and offsetting. Their app will be informative about the carbon impacts of everything we do, buy or eat. It will be educational, providing users with tips on how to reduce their impacts. It will then provide users with the opportunity to balance (or offset) their impacts that are unavoidable.

The unique data engine they are developing, ‘ECOSISTM’, uses a carbon impact calculation model developed by sustainability and climate change consultant and author, Prof Mike Berners-Lee and his team of experts.