News Staff November 1, 2018

The Children’s Heart Federation (CHF) and parkrun have joined forces to encourage children with heart conditions to reap the benefits of exercise in a safe way.

On Sunday 4th November families of children with heart conditions will gather at the junior parkrun at King George V Playing Fields Welwyn Garden City to cheer on their children and siblings as they run around the 2km course.

These inspiring young people will not only be showing what children with heart conditions can achieve, but will be improving their cardiovascular health which will improve their overall fitness and reduce the risk of them developing cardiovascular disease in later life.

Sunday also marks the production of the document Guidelines for children with heart conditions participating in parkrun which has been drawn up by CHF in conjunction with parkrun, it explains how parkrun works, how it could benefit a child with a heart condition and their family and gives guidance on what to do should a child feel unwell or tired.

“parkrun is ideal for children with heart conditions because it isn’t a race, children can go at their own pace, jog or walk and can take a break if tired or breathless. As some children with heart conditions need to avoid contact sports, parkrun is a good way for them to exercise safely.

“I am delighted that we have several children with heart conditions running today with or without their families. They are showing how children with heart conditions can benefit and achieve through exercise.”

Stuart Ainsworth, Outreach Ambassador (Heart Conditions) (Volunteer) parkrun UK

This initiative is part of Project PROVE which is looking to make parkrun events accessible and welcoming to those with disabilities and long-term conditions.