News Staff December 10, 2018

Jerome Fontaine, CEO & Marketing Performance Chief of The Fournaise Marketing Group – The Marketing Performance Booster® (“Fournaise”), has been named the UK’s 2018 CEO of the Year in the Marketing Sector by CEO Monthly Magazine.

UK-based CEO Monthly Magazine ( is one of the leading CEO-focused publications – dedicated to showcasing, sharing and highlighting the hard work, innovations and leadership of CEOs across the global business landscape. It is circulated to over 60,000 leaders worldwide (across Europe, the Americas, the Middle East and Asia Pacific), from C-Suite Executives, to Directors, Managers and Business Owners.

Fournaise is one of the world’s leading Marketing Performance Measurement & Management (MPM) companies – specialised in Marketing Effectiveness Tracking & Boosting (METB). Using its proprietary technology solutions and models, Fournaise Tracked & Boosted the Effectiveness of over 2.5 million Marketing (Product, Pricing, Channel, Communication, Brand) Strategies, Campaigns & Ads over the last 14 Years, across 20 Countries, 13 Industries and 13 Languages, B2C & B2B, for Fortune 500 & Large organisations, SMEs and many of the world’s top advertising agencies. Fournaise tracks & measures what works, what does not, where, on which audience and very importantly it understands why. From there Fournaise advises Senior Management & Marketers on the strategic and/or tactical corrective actions they should take to push their Marketing to deliver better results, effectiveness & ROI: more sales, more market share, more conversions, more prospects, more customer demand.

“Within our CEO of the Year 2018 programme we have thoroughly analysed a vast array of CEOs across different business sectors, such as Finance, Media and Marketing, Transportation, Investment, Law and Legal, Software and Technology” says Laura Brookes, CEO Monthly’s Editor. “In the Marketing sector we have found in Fournaise’s Jerome Fontaine a high-performance CEO revolutionising the industry by bringing a 360-degree, end-to-end effectiveness discipline to it via its powerful “We Track. We Analyse. We Feed. We Advise” model, itself backed by a double combination of proprietary technology and expertise. With an impressive business track record and solid achievements Mr Fontaine is our choice for the UK’s 2018 CEO of the Year in the Marketing sector” she added.