News Staff December 10, 2018

Free, accessible and for anyone to play. It’s not busking. It’s not a gig. It’s a new kind of musical platform. “One piano goes to landfill every day in London. Some are rescued and given a new lease of life.” This is how the documentary ‘Instrument of Change’ get started. And it’s a journey through the voices, the stories and the good vibes people experience playing street pianos across Britain.

The documentary ‘Instrument of Change’ will premiere next Saturday on Together, the TV Broadcaster that wants people to do more. Together airs on Freeview 93, Sky 173, Virgin 269, Freesat 164.

‘I eat, sleep and play the piano.’ – says Michael, the ‘piano man’. He is a homeless, talented pianist who shares his music and alwayshelps others. He enjoys playing for anyone passing by in the London streets, especially children. ‘They understand music better’ – he says.

Along the Street Piano documentary, Together will also present the very best of its TV series, films and documentaries aired in 2018. As the festive season approaches, we are teaming up with Campaign To End Loneliness to tackle isolation and bring people together. There are 4 million lonely older people in the UK. and Many will spend this Christmas alone.

9 Ways to End Loneliness this Christmas:

  • Out shopping, going for a walk or down the pub? Take time to talk with an older personThere are 1.2 million chronically lonely older people in the UK (Age UK 2016, No-one should have no one).
  • Call the friends and familyyou won’t see this Christmas.Half a million older people go at least five or six days a week without seeing or speaking to anyone at all (Age UK 2016, No-one should have no one).
  • Get involved in Christmas initiatives within your local community. Visit Neighbourly to join social projects within your community.
  • Deliver a Christmas cardto your neighbour and stop for a chat. Not being able to get out and about can limit an older person’s social contacts. 9% of older people feel trapped in their own home and 6% leave the house once a week or less.
  • Does your local hospice want supportthis Christmas? Lend a helping hand. There are hundreds of local hospices in the UK, find the one closer to you.
  • Share a mince pie momentwith friends and neighbours. Small gestures like this can mean a lot in a person life who’s lonely.
  • Spare chair at the table for Christmas dinner? Invite a friend who might be alone.Two fifths all older people (about 3.9 million) say the television is their main company (Age, U.K., 2014. Evidence Review: Loneliness in Later Life. London: Age UK).
  • Hosting a Christmas party? Don’t forget toinvite your neighbours. There are over 2.2 million people aged 75 and over living alone in Great Britain, an increase of almost a quarter (24%) over the past 20 years (ONS).
  • Travelling for Christmas? Check the street piano map: you might find a street piano right next to you! Music brings people togetherand singing carols is a great way to connect.

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