News Staff December 21, 2018

In under 12 hours, Localgiving’s Grow Your Tenner campaign raised over £360,000 for 324 local charities and community groups across the UK.

The campaign launched on 10am on 11th December 2018 with a match fund pot of £100,000. By 10pm the same day the entire match fund pot had been allocated, thanks to the generous support of 1,643 people.

Grow Your Tenner 2018 differed from previous Localgiving campaign in focussing solely on encouraging people to set up monthly donations to local charities and community groups.

Localgiving’s annual Local Charity and Community Groups Sustainability Report has consistently found that generating income and achieving sustainability is the primary concern for local charities. In the 2018 report, just 47% of local groups said they were confident that they would survive more than 5 years while 49% were uncertain about how to find adequate funding for their core costs such as salaries, training and rent.

The Grow Your Tenner 2018 campaign was specifically designed to address these issues by helping local groups to access long term, unrestricted funding.