News Staff January 9, 2019 lift the lid on the ‘best-selling’ vertical radiators of 2018.

The UK’s leading dedicated heating supplier – – has released their annual list of bestselling radiators.

The Top 5 Vertical Radiators Of The Year” is the first in a short series of articles that intend to showcase the shifting tastes of the UK’s domestic heating market.

Modern homeowners understand more than ever the importance of getting the right radiator for their homes – not just for its heat output, but for the style and practicality that appliance can bring to a space.

The BestHeating top 5 features a range of different designs and finishes, highlighting the eclectic mix of heating styles that UK homeowners are now introducing to their homes.

From vintage & period installations to glossy mirrored designs and sleek modern finishes, these five vertical radiators are a brief window into the changing world of domestic home heating.

If the days of the boring panel radiator are over, is the world of the vertical designer radiator upon us?

BestHeating certainly think so!

Discover an amazing range of modern, vintage and electric radiators, towel rails and more and find your happy heating with

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