News Staff January 17, 2019

Bristol Wholesale Fruit Centre has kindly said that they will donate all the crates that Legs4Africa need to get recycled components to their partner hospitals in Africa. In May 2018 when Tom, Legs4Africa Founder, approached the Bristol wholesalers with the concept and explained that they urgently needed 60 crates for an up and coming shipment for a hospital in Ghana, Martin Fry at Bristol Wholesale Fruit Centre, didn’t hesitate in offering their support.


“We all need to be more responsible when it comes to recycling and Legs4Africa are doing this effectively through recycling unwanted prosthetic limbs, and we’re extremely pleased that we can help support them in doing that”

Martin Fry, Assistant Operations Manager, Bristol Wholesale Fruit Centre


The shipment contained enough components to build 250 prosthetic legs, although sent in May 2018 the shipment only arrived at the OTC (Orthopaedic Training College) in Nswamm a few days before Christmas. The hospital, run by Sister Elizabeth, sees hundreds of amputees each year and specialises in fitting children’s prosthetics. They also provide Legs4Africa with much needed data to help identify the problem of limb loss in Africa.

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