News Staff January 24, 2019

Charities are struggling as much as anyone with what the implications of Brexit might be. With EU funding disappearing, and the future of UK government funding uncertain, the new Funds Online website from the Directory of Social Change (DSC) aims to help charities find over £8billion in funding from 8,000 different funders.

The Funds Online platform is slick, quick, and has a range of features designed to make finding funding as easy as possible for everyone, from trustees and volunteers to professional fundraisers.

‘With the new dashboard, you can track all the information you need and its incredibly easy to know what your journey has been through the funding landscape, which will save you lots of time in the future.’

Debra Allcock Tyler, DSC Chief Executive

Charities looking for funding will be able to start their search with a simple, yet powerful online search, and use their dashboard to log and track their applications all in one place.

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