News Staff February 5, 2019

Cryptobrands, Corp is a decentralized product store that designs fashionable alt-coin products for the cryptocurrency community.

The company has produced one of the most attractive and affordable cryptobelts, watches and cryptowallets ever seen. The company has initiated tangible items XRP holders, investors and enthusiast will be proud to own. Created with the finest materials and textured to merit the exquisite feel for the decentralized brands of the future. The most fascinating element of the decentralized value store resides with all items simultaneously diversifying the consumers digital asset portfolio or holdings.

The process is executed as a gift by the online store through DP Points. These points are redeemable upon expiration. No other store in the world operates in this fashion thus endorsing digital assets diversify while spending and asserting positive valuation within items purchased. Other alt-coin products will be added in the following months to come says Cryptobrands, Corp CEO Ryan Graham which insist that all alt-coiners should think about completely supporting not only the digital aspect of a coin or token but to also systematically support and acknowledge the importance of building tangibility behind the digital asset ecosystem of choice.

Pre-Orders will Commence February 7th 2019 at 1:00 PM EST. 500 XRP Cryptobelts will be released