Month: March 2019

News Staff March 28, 2019

International workspace provider Regus is partnering with the technology social enterprise to donate unwanted technology to vulnerable people in the UK. Rapid technological change has meant that people are upgrading their devices more than ever before. Regus is now calling on businesses, as well as individuals in the community, to donate their unwanted tech […]

News Staff March 27, 2019

Network traffic expert PerfOps just announced FlexBalancer, an innovative approach to load balancing. FlexBalancer is a cloud-based solution that dynamically routes traffic in real time. It does so by leveraging CDN and Cloud performance data and combines it with user-defined parameters. FlexBalancer offers a complete solution that will allow small website owners and big corporations […]

News Staff March 26, 2019

Universities must end the steep-rise of ‘unjustifiable’ first class degrees to maintain the UK university sector’s world class reputation, Education Secretary Damian Hinds has said this week (24 March). In the second in a series of interventions across higher education, Mr Hinds wants action taken across the sector to put a stop to artificial grade […]

News Staff March 25, 2019

The first creative duo to champion creative sassy girls who are not afraid to talk back – coaching new generations in saving the planet, en vogue. MOGUL Influencer [just like Chelsea Clinton], model, and local competition Thrift-store Challenge winner, Christie Lee, along with her sassy 13-year-old protégé Bridjé Lee, are the members of this fiery duo. Bridjé is a young […]

News Staff March 21, 2019

Yamaha are set to be part of World Piano Day! No other single instrument offers the range of emotion that can be expressed via the piano. Yamaha built their first piano over 120 years ago and since then have redefined what a piano is capable of with the Yamaha Silent, Disklavier, TransAcoustic and synthesis science […]

News Staff March 19, 2019

From the start of 2019, Legs4Africa’s ‘Deliver a Leg’ campaign has really taken off. The programme aims to enlist travellers who are already venturing to Africa to use some of their baggage allowance to carry much needed prosthetic equipment to Legs4Africa’s partnering mobility centres . Since the campaign began, Emmaus in Bristol has provided Legs4Africa […]

News Staff March 18, 2019

Recent investigations conducted by KIS Finance discover how the Right to Buy Scheme has turned ex-council home tenants into property millionaires. Following the recent decision to end the Right to Buy Scheme in Wales, there have been renewed calls for England to follow suit. The Chartered Institute of Housing has expressed concerns that the ongoing […]