News Staff March 12, 2019

Multimac is celebrating 10 years as the only multi-seated travel solution in the world. British designed and manufactured, Multimac is the only system that allows up to 4 children to be seated in a row of even the smallest cars.

Saving families thousands when a 3rd of 4th child is expected Multimac is also the safer option, as it keeps children in a row and away from the boot area, unlike the 7-seater alternative.

Created by Engineer Kevin Macliver when he required a proper transport solution for his own brood, Multimac’s popularity has expanded dramatically growing over 400% in the past year alone.

Automotive Macliver, the company behind Multimac now boasts a show room in the heart of Birmingham and is able to offer the car-seat on finance, making the solution even more accessible to the families that need it the most.

Early adopters such as Monica Watters from Dalkey, Ireland, relied on Multimac for over 7 years to transport her 4 children. Monica has said: “If Multimac wasn’t available I would have had to get a seven-seater car which wasn’t ideal at the time as I bought a new 5 series BMW only two years previous, financially the Multimac was a much better option.”

Caroline Hurley from North Petherton in Somerset was the first person to buy 2 Multimac’s, Caroline explains: “We had one fitted into an Audi A4 and one in a Nissan Note. The Nissan Note was bought brand new not long before our 4th child was due and so we would have lost a lot of money trading it in as well as the expense of purchasing a 7-seater. I loved that car and still have it so didn’t want to change that particular car either.”

Both families used Multimac for more than 7 years and then passed them on to friends with the same problem..

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