News Staff March 25, 2019

The first creative duo to champion creative sassy girls who are not afraid to talk back – coaching new generations in saving the planet, en vogue.

MOGUL Influencer [just like Chelsea Clinton], model, and local competition Thrift-store Challenge winner, Christie Lee, along with her sassy 13-year-old protégé Bridjé Lee, are the members of this fiery duo. Bridjé is a young illustrator whose art is featured in our creative growth community project that focuses on personal development activities for young girls. The National Gallery, London, even exhibited a sketch of hers in its Mini Masterpieces collection when she was just 9 years old, and she is the recipient of the 2015 Young Writers Creativity Award [UK].

Whom does this duo coach? Sassy creatives who are unafraid to talk back? Yes, underneath their boisterous creative energy, you will find many of them to be your future leaders and innovators of tomorrow. These girls tend to march to the beat of their own drums and are not afraid to speak up for themselves and the causes they believe in. Colouring vividly outside the lines, they have the ability to paint a better future.

Apart from the growing environmental issues of plastic use, retailers from fast fashion brands like Primark and H&M to fashion houses like Burberry – who have been burning their unsold clothing instead of recycling them – have come under fire for greatly contributing to the worsening condition of our planet Earth. Wrap has reported that around £140m (350,000 tonnes) worth of used clothing is dumped in landfills in the UK every year – that’s around 30% of our unwanted clothing.

After hearing Prince Charles speak on environmental concerns for both our current and future generations, concern and inspiration struck Christie in equal measure. The Prince of Wales suggested that Britain make a bid to save the planet by adopting new and improved creative attitudes towards “un-making” and “re-making” clothes. However, as a model and Thrift-store Challenge winner, Christie knows a thing or two about creating and recreating trendy looks from retro, preloved, and classic vintage pieces. Now, this creative duo strives to not only empower young girls and provide them with the tools to add definition and depth to beauty and superficial selfies but also inspire them to step up in terms of eliminating Britain’s throwaway culture.

With “Little Artiste” Bridjé, Christie has introduced a social media initiative [in the form of a series of exclusive emails: an e-guide] that promotes creative and fun lifestyle activities to bring about responsible consumption, reuse, and more.

Creative Girls Pledge Vintage is one of our missions: To pledge to help eliminate Britain’s alarming throwaway culture. We’re remixing and rewinding trends. We’re “re-making,” unearthing, and bending fashion rules to save the planet, all while still being en vogue.

Terry-Lynn Doyle is one of the many people to express her enthusiasm regarding this initiative, which has seen growing support from a large section of the community. Doyle, a school teacher and community girls club leader, says, “This [movement] is impressive and another vehicle to support young ladies. I love it.”

Let’s use our voice, creativity, and influence to save our planet, while still being in style!

Creative Girls Pledge Vintage – sign up for our social media initiative via our B-Style Guide here.