News Staff March 28, 2019

International workspace provider Regus is partnering with the technology social enterprise to donate unwanted technology to vulnerable people in the UK.

Rapid technological change has meant that people are upgrading their devices more than ever before. Regus is now calling on businesses, as well as individuals in the community, to donate their unwanted tech to help those in need.

With a strong network of flexible workspaces across London, donations are being collected at Regus centres in London and beyond. At each location, a designated donation bin will be available in the management office, located in the office centre.

Some of the items Regus and are accepting include:

Unneeded laptops and computers

Other old and unneeded IT equipment, such as servers, consoles, etc.

Old mobile devices

Suits, dress shoes, and other interview-appropriate clothing

Once donated, is able to redistribute items to homeless people in accommodation services, low income senior housing facilities and other charities supporting disadvantaged individuals across the UK.

How donations are used

Once receives donations, they ensure all personal data is wiped clean from the computer, laptops, servers, and other technology. These products are then reset to standard settings and distributed to partner charities.

The clients of these charities receive free training from to learn how to use basic open source software to perform tasks required at typical office jobs, such as creating documents, sending email, and using the internet. These new job skills not only help vulnerable people find long-term careers — they also allow individuals to stay in touch with relatives and friends, shop for basic needs and keep up with the news.