News Staff April 12, 2019

Strati Designs, LLC, has signed a HiTech deal for Digital Imaging with Photon3D, H.Q in Hong Kong.

The deal is for the global exclusive rights for certain Italian firms in the Fashion, Home Décor and Houseware Industries to use Photon3D new dimensional image graphics for smartphones/tablets to advertise their products.

One of the many applications of the Photon3D internet tech is moving multi-dimensional images with sound in a six second continuous loop for existing smartphones/tablets.

Dr. Bill Karszes, Chief Scientist of Photon3D, said “Patent firm W.P. Thompson, located in Liverpool, England, lead by Nick Manley, did outstanding work with Jerry Nims and me in having our fundamental patent claims accepted by the European Patent Office in Munich, Germany.”

Dr. Karszes stated “Since we did some of our earlier work in developing a glasses free operating system/platform to send multi-dimensional images through the internet with CRdC Tecnologie in Naples, Italy, it is quite fitting that Italian Fashion/Home Décor/Houseware brands have the opportunity to sell their brands with our new three-dimensional digital advertising images through the internet.” CRdC Tecnologie is a consortium of 5 Italian Universities and 2 government research groups with 350+ Ph.D.s available for R&D projects.

Suzette Gianturco, Managing Director of GSR Investment Partners, owner of Strati Brands, LLC and the Strati trademark, said “We have been following the R&D development of Photon3D since 2015 in three-dimensional space and now feel their new tech is ready to have a real impact in advertising products through the internet.”

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