News Staff April 30, 2019

The Summer 2019 collection consists of 10 styles with a mix of optical frames and sunglasses for both men and women.

While expanding on his signature “frame-within-a-frame” laminated construction, Kuwahara deconstructs the inner silhouette and continues to explore negative space this season.

“Deconstruction whether in fashion or food forces us to look at something we often take for granted in a new way.  I wanted to explore that same construct by breaking up the normally consistent line of the inner silhouette.  I think it does two things: the eye actually fills in the missing void, and the negative space it creates brings a modernity to the frame”, says Kuwahara.


“Using negative space created by either using sheets of stainless steel or by milling “cut outs” is a common thread in this season’s collection”, adds Kuwahara.

The shapes in the Spring / Summer Collection include a range of round and oval silhouettes complemented by larger 70’s inspired shapes.

And, as the global brand awareness for this relative newcomer grows (Blake Kuwahara Eyewear was launched at retail in January 2014), so does its retail presence in exclusive optical boutiques and fashion retailers.

“In addition to our representation at Selfridge’s London flagship store, we will be launching this Spring at the Isetan Men’s Store in Tokyo.  It’s a nice validation that there is an appreciation and demand for Blake’s designs and artisanal sensibility and that our brand awareness is growing on both the domestic and international fronts”, says Richard Mewha, President of Fade To Grey, the distributing company for Kuwahara’s line.