News Staff May 2, 2019

Blake & Bull have conducted a survey of over 1300 Aga range cooker owners to discover how they feel about this much-loved staple of the country home in 2019.

The survey – the first of its kind in the industry – has been visualised in this shareable infographic and revealed some surprising findings:

  • Electric is now the third most popular type of Aga range cooker (25.7% of respondents have this type).
  • 44% of owners switch their Aga range cookers off over the summer, with June being the most popular month to turn off.
  • Different fuel methods can save up to a 1/3 in annual running costs.
  • 83% of range cooker owners felt the cookers added to the value of their home.

Since it was invented in the 1920s by Swedish physicist Gustaf Dalen, the Aga range cooker has grown in popularity in Britain, becoming a much-loved part of many a country home. More recently, the Aga range cooker has suffered some criticism due to rising fuel costs, but has responded with a new electric version allowing for the ovens to be turned on and off at will.

Matthew Bates, founder of Blake & Bull said of the survey, “Having worked with them for so long, we are seriously geeky when it comes to Aga range cookers. However, this survey – conducted for the first time this year – uncovered some surprising results which just goes to show there’s always something to learn! We will be running this survey annually to track how the country’s relationship with the Aga range cooker is changing.”

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