News Staff July 5, 2019

Theresa May will today urge stronger cooperation between governments and tech companies to stop terrorists from being able to ‘broadcast their atrocities in real time’ on the internet.

In her intervention at the G20 Summit’s session on Innovation, Digital Economy and Artificial Intelligence, the Prime Minister will say that governments need to learn lessons from previous attacks, including the Christchurch shootings.

She will urge close collaboration between Government security officials and social media and technology companies to prevent terrorist exploitation of the internet.

The PM will highlight a new crisis response mechanism which is being developed by technology companies and supported by the UK and others as part of the Christchurch Call.

This will ensure that companies have established networks of “online first responders”, who are directly linked to those at the heart of international governments’ Counter-Terrorism units and law enforcement agencies.

These connections will allow companies to more rapidly stop the spread of terrorist or violent extremist content following any attack in coordination with each other.

The crisis hotline would be used, for example, to share “digital fingerprints” which allow companies to prevent the re-upload of existing terrorist content on to their platforms.

The PM will also stress the need for continued development of technology to address terrorists’ abuse of live-streaming, which has a devastating impact on victims’ families and communities.

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