News Staff November 29, 2019

London-based insurtech company, Dinghy, who pioneered the UK’s first flexible, on-demand insurance for freelancers, have uncovered the most popular places to live while self employed or as a sole trader – including the top three job titles used in each location.


Using their customer data, Dinghy analysed and found that, outside of London, the most popular location when working for yourself is Brighton. They also found that one of the most common roles overall is as a social media consultant.


It’s no surprise that Brighton is a popular home for the self-employed as it has  one of the highest numbers of startups in the UK per capita and boasts excellent life satisfaction levels. Bristol is the third most popular location according to Dinghy, followed by Coventry. Manchester placed seventh, despite previously being named in another survey as the number one place for freelancers to live.


When it comes to job titles, social media consultant came top of Dinghy’s customers, followed by web developers including front end, full stack and UX / UI designers. Sound engineers came next, then management consultants and marketing consultants. Interestingly, PR consultants are one of the least popular careers according to Dinghy’s database – along with virtual assistants, life coaches and influencers.


Julian New, marketing manager, at Dinghy said: “With a flexible workforce like freelancers, we can see that people are taking advantage of their freedom and living where they wish. We cover customers from Exeter to Edinburgh and everywhere in between – it’s fantastic that we can look at the data from our self-employed customers and create a bird’s-eye view of where they are, and what professions they are working in. It will be very interesting to see how these   trends change as we head into a new decade.”


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