News Staff January 24, 2020
  • Platform 1 mental health charity, Airedale NHS Trust and Fagley Primary School announced as 3 winners of the Department for Transport’s Transform a Pacer competition on the One Show
  • winners have each won a Pacer carriage to renovate for a new future
  • competition marks removal of Pacers from the rail network and a renewed focus on levelling up infrastructure in the north

Three groups in the north of England have won a Pacer carriage for community use as part of the government’s Transform a Pacer competition. The competition means that after 3 decades of service to northern communities retired Pacer trains will now serve them in new and exciting ways focused on bringing the community together.

The proposals put forward by Airedale NHS Trust, Fagley Primary School, and men’s mental health charity Platform 1 showcase the best ideas that came out of the competition. Their plans will help to improve NHS services, science and technology education and mental health care in towns and cities in the north.

Platform 1, a men’s mental health charity, will be converting their Pacer into a kitchen to teach cooking skills to those they support. The charity, located at the former Platform 1 of Huddersfield Station, already use retired train carriages as a safe space, counselling and learning environment to help hundreds of local men deal with mental health issues.

Airedale NHS Trust plan to transform their carriage into a mixed-use, non-clinical space to improve the experience of patients using Airedale General Hospital. With a particular focus on helping children and families, as well as those suffering with dementia, it will provide a unique communal environment to support patients during their stay.

Fagley Primary School, based in Bradford, will set the Pacer up as a new science lab for students, helping promote STEM learning. The train carriage will also benefit the wider community, who will have access to the space for talks and events.