News Staff January 26, 2020

Smart watches are a piece of technology that have long found themselves in an awkward place. In the technological world, they are a mix between fitbits and cellphones, with the abilities of both without being placed in either category. The Apple Series 5 lets you make phone calls and text messages from your wrist – though you have to pay for an additional cellular plan for your watch if you want to use it independently. The Samsung Galaxy Watch lets you do the same thing, but again, it’s at a high cost. For consumers looking for their ideal outdoor smartwatch, consider investing in a product besides the flagship models from popular brands.

Indie Tech Brands Provide Quality Products for Cheap

In the 21st century, it’s easier than ever for companies just starting out to advertise their own businesses. Oftentimes, advertising is done in more untraditional ways by indie companies, due to budgetary restrictions. This allows consumers to see just how creative indie developers can be, by analyzing their ability to form grassroots marketing strategies. Companies like Facebook, Microsoft, and Apple were started on extremely small scales, and still grew to be enormous companies.

Independent doesn’t mean bad – so you can shop for an outdoor smartwatch in markets beyond the mainstream. Plus, you can feel good about paying less for products which are usually along the same level. For a flagship smartwatch model from any major global tech company, you could expect to be shelling out three to four hundred dollars. With a company like T1 Tact Watch, prices will likely be somewhere less than a hundred bucks. However, with both large and small companies, counterfeit items can always rear their ugly heads, so smart consumers should stay aware that what they are shelling out their money for is what they’ll be getting in the mail.

T1 Tact Watch Adds Engraving for Authenticity

Bank money has ink bombs, designer clothing have security tags, and the T1 Tact Watch has a unique engraving etched into the back of each watch unit. The company hasn’t confirmed exactly what this engraving looks like or how it protects consumers. However, one could surmise that it will be a way to ensure the product you’re buying is exactly what you want it to be.

When shopping for an indoor or outdoor smartwatch, it’s important to know that you’re getting what you paid for. With any brand, always confirm beforehand that you’re putting your money into the right site, with the right products.

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