News Staff May 17, 2019

Universities must do more to stamp out antisemitism on campus following reports of unfair practices that could amount to indirect discrimination, the Universities Minister has said today (17 May). Chris Skidmore has urged the sector to advance its efforts to tackle unacceptable religious hatred in higher education and is calling on all universities to adopt […]

News Staff April 26, 2019

Projects to protect vulnerable girls from trafficking in Ethiopia and improve care standards for victims of modern slavery in Nepal are among those receiving part of a £4 million funding boost from the Home Office. The Modern Slavery Innovation Fund (MSIF), which supports international projects to trial innovative ways of stopping modern slavery, has awarded […]

News Staff April 2, 2019

On the 20th anniversary of the National Minimum Wage, a new report by the Low Pay Commission examines how the policy has transformed the UK labour market. The minimum wage has reversed the pre-1999 trend of pay growth inequality. Last year the lowest-paid workers earned £2.70 per hour more in real terms than if there […]

News Staff April 1, 2019

A new package of support for seriously wounded armed forces personnel has been launched. The joint agreement between the MOD and NHS England, developed with the Department of Health and Social Care, will ensure that individuals with very complex and enduring healthcare requirements transitioning out of the military into civilian life will continue to receive […]

News Staff February 18, 2019

Tourist and business travellers will be badly affected by the government’s emphasis on freight and their plans for Operation Stack in the planning for post Brexit without a deal. Dover is the busiest passenger port on the planet with over 80% of all passenger traffic by sea and tunnel going through Dover and Folkestone, and […]

News Staff January 2, 2019

Around 11 million households who have stayed loyal to energy suppliers on poor value energy tariffs will pay a fair price from today (1 January 2019) thanks to the government’s price cap. The cap will bring down the amount consumers have been overpaying to energy companies, including the Big Six, by £1 billion a year, […]

News Staff October 16, 2018

Feminist charity FiLiA’s annual conference – the largest feminist conference in Europe – is coming to Manchester for the first time October 20th to 21st2018, and will tackle issues such as FGM, gender definition, and gang culture. One hundred years on from the suffragette movement and one year on from the #meetoo movement, the conference […]