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News Staff April 4, 2019

Clifton Asset Management and Morgan Lloyd will be hosting their renowned ‘Getfitathon’ for the eighth year running in aid of leading cancer charity, Penny Brohn UK. The event at St Katherine’s School sports hall on Wednesday 8 May, 6pm-9pm, will comprise of three, 45 minute fitness sessions. With participants being treated to exciting workouts including […]

News Staff April 3, 2019

Homes England, has made two key appointments to its senior leadership team with a new Chief Finance Officer and permanent Chief of Staff. Lynda McMullan is joining the agency as CFO from the Metropolitan Police, where she has been Director of Commercial and Finance since 2014. Previously, Lynda held senior roles at the Mayor’s Office […]

News Staff April 2, 2019

On the 20th anniversary of the National Minimum Wage, a new report by the Low Pay Commission examines how the policy has transformed the UK labour market. The minimum wage has reversed the pre-1999 trend of pay growth inequality. Last year the lowest-paid workers earned £2.70 per hour more in real terms than if there […]

News Staff April 1, 2019

A new package of support for seriously wounded armed forces personnel has been launched. The joint agreement between the MOD and NHS England, developed with the Department of Health and Social Care, will ensure that individuals with very complex and enduring healthcare requirements transitioning out of the military into civilian life will continue to receive […]

News Staff March 28, 2019

International workspace provider Regus is partnering with the technology social enterprise to donate unwanted technology to vulnerable people in the UK. Rapid technological change has meant that people are upgrading their devices more than ever before. Regus is now calling on businesses, as well as individuals in the community, to donate their unwanted tech […]

News Staff March 27, 2019

Network traffic expert PerfOps just announced FlexBalancer, an innovative approach to load balancing. FlexBalancer is a cloud-based solution that dynamically routes traffic in real time. It does so by leveraging CDN and Cloud performance data and combines it with user-defined parameters. FlexBalancer offers a complete solution that will allow small website owners and big corporations […]

News Staff March 26, 2019

Universities must end the steep-rise of ‘unjustifiable’ first class degrees to maintain the UK university sector’s world class reputation, Education Secretary Damian Hinds has said this week (24 March). In the second in a series of interventions across higher education, Mr Hinds wants action taken across the sector to put a stop to artificial grade […]

News Staff March 25, 2019

The first creative duo to champion creative sassy girls who are not afraid to talk back – coaching new generations in saving the planet, en vogue. MOGUL Influencer [just like Chelsea Clinton], model, and local competition Thrift-store Challenge winner, Christie Lee, along with her sassy 13-year-old protégé Bridjé Lee, are the members of this fiery duo. Bridjé is a young […]