News Staff June 9, 2018

Older people and families paying the price, says Age UK, with ‘care deserts’ now apparent in some localities

“Included in our new report are real-life stories from older people like ‘Brian’, who had a care assessment by social services three months ago but hasn’t heard anything since, and is sleeping on the sofa in his living room because he can no longer manage the stairs. Brian says he feels suicidal and it’s no surprise.”

A new report from Age UK, ‘ Behind the Headlines – the battle to get care at home’ illustrates the misery being experienced by many older people and their families, as they try to get the care at home they need.

Too often, they find themselves trapped in a nightmare of bureaucracy and kept at arm’s length by local authorities struggling to meet growing demands for care with deeply inadequate resources, a situation made much worse by years of budget cuts.

This new report by Age UK shows that the provision of homecare services has fallen by a massive 3 million hours since 2015.[i] The Charity says that this damning figure highlights the crisis facing many older people who are in declining health and in need of home care services. They say it is essential that the Government acts now to prop up the current system with substantial added investment, as well as bringing forward proposals for placing care on a sustainable financial footing for the future as it has promised to do later this year, in the form of a Green Paper

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